White Peony White Tea

White Peony White Tea


Another name:        Long Noble Life Eyebrow

Harvest time:          In April,2019

Origin:                      Fuding,Fujian,China

Grade:                       Second Grade

Plucking Standerd:One bud with three or four leaves


White Peony white Tea:

White Peony  tea, one variety of white teas, is one of the top ten most well-known teas of China. Fuding County of Fujian Province is the hometown of white Peony tea. White Peony , incorporates one bud and two tiny leaves, plucked in early spring, covered with tiny silver/white fuzz on one side and touting a deep sage green color on the other side. The tea leaves, with white downy hair, look like white peony flowers. The tea has two leaves, with a bud in the middle.

There are no other process steps but The freshly harvested leaf is allowed to wither dry in the sun. This protest the fresh taste of the tea remain the Max. After being infused, the green leaves set off the tender buds, which looks like the blooming of the peony, graceful and elegant. The liquid is clear and takes on apricot-yellow color, and the taste is mellow and fresh.

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Supreme White Peony Tea (Please select the weight you want)

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