Matcha Ceremony Teawares- Make Tea

Matcha Ceremony Teawares- Make Tea




Matcha Tea Gift Set:

Match Tea Bowl + Chasen + Scoop Japan Tea Ceremony Teawares
This Set included:
Matcha Whisk 10.5cm (4 1/8″) tall X 6cm (2 3/8″)
Matcha Bowl D: 11cm, Height: 6cm, Matcha Scoop: 12cm


Matcha Teawares:

To prepare premium matcha green tea powder you should have 3 tools: a matcha bowl, a bamboo whisk, and the chashaku (bamboo spoon). First You need to measure it out. This spoon will help you get the right amount. The whisk will help you prepare fine and beautiful matcha. The matcha bowl can be appreciated as a tea cup to drink matcha green tea every day, or perform in Japanese tea ceremony.

2 Chashaku of Matcha = 1.5 to 2 g.
For Usucha, thin tea, use 2 Chashaku of Matcha. For Koicha, thick tea, use 3 to 4.

How to make matcha?

1. Place 1 Matcha Spoon of matcha into your bowl
2. Pour in about 80 ml of hot water (72°C / 162°F)
3. Run your whisk under water, then whisk together the matcha and hot water until there are no clumps and a fine froth develops on top (about 10-15 seconds)

Item included:
Matcha Tea Gift Set : 1 Matcha Bowl, 1 Chasen and 1 Chashaku


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