Jasmine Fuzz Tip Green Tea

Jasmine Fuzz Tip Green Tea


Type: Flower fuzz tip Tea
From the origin: Sichuan, China
Product Name: Sichuan Jasmine tea fuzz tip Green tea
Harvest season: Spring
Store Conditions: Store in airtight, opaque container in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
Brew Guide: Fill the teapot 1/4 to 1/3 full with tea leaves. Steep tea leaves in hot water at 85°c for 1 minute for the first and second brewing.
Manufacturer: Sichuan Yv ChaWan Tea Factory
Shelf Life: 24 months


Sichuan Jasmine tea fuzz tip Green tea :

The fuzz tip green tea are from Sichuan Province China. This kind of tea are mixed fuzz tip green tea with Jasmine flowers. The Chinese name means cold pool and White snow flowers, the green dried tea leaves with the white jasmine flowers, beatuful and fragrant. The fuzz tips absorb the fragrant of the jasmine flowers. When infuse water into the cup, the flowers will be rolling in the cup like snow falls into the green pool. White porcelainous or transparent cups are suitable.

Feature of the jasmine tea:
Fine shape, a tiny yellow-green run, cropsmooth and refreshing, Frgrant and long sweet after-taste. The nice taste will stay in your mouth and will not gone for a while.

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Jasmine Flower Green Tea

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