Jasmine Dragon Tea ball gift box

Jasmine Dragon Tea ball gift box


Product name:   Jasmine Dragon Tea ball

From the origin:Yunnan, China

Brand Name:      Royal Tea Bay

Item included:
1 box Raw puer tea mixed with flower Tea Ball


Jasmine Dragon Tea ball gift box

Type:                     Flower Raw puer tea
Weight:                 About 7-9g/pieces, 18pieces/box, 3-5 different flavour mixed.
From the origin:  Yunnan, China
Product Name:    Handmade flower raw puer tea ball
Store Conditions:Store in airtight, opaque container in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Brew Guide:         7g tea per 200ml (7oz) water brewed with 100% boiled water, 5 minutes’ infusion when the water becomes light yellow. Could brew 4-5 times.
Ingredients :        Yunnan big leaves drying green raw tea and flower
Shelf Life:             Long Time, about 10 years

Feature of the tea:
2012 harvest arbor puer tea leaves which are hand rolled into dragon tea balls and compressed with the jasmine flower, very beautiful. The puer tea leaves are mixed with the fragrance of the flower, quite good mixture. Very refreshing and romatic. Ideal for winter afternoon or summer morning. Enjoy it.


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