Dian hong Mao Feng Black Tea

Dian hong Mao Feng Black Tea


Type:                       Dian Hong Black Tea
From the origin:   Yunnan Province, China
Product Name:     Dian Hong Mao Feng Black Tea
Store Conditions: Store in airtight, opaque container in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
Brew Guide:          Tasting and brewing Dianhong teas are best brewed with porcelain gaiwan or yixing teaware using freshly boiled water at 90 degree (194F) to 100 degree (212F), and are suitable for multiple infusions.
Shelf Life:               1- 2 yeas with proper care


Dian Hong Mao Feng Black Tea:

Dian Hong Tea is a black Tea grown in Chinese Yunnan Province. The name Dian Hong means Yunnan Red. Dian is the shortened name for Yunnan Province and Hong is Chinese for Red. This tea is often called Yunnan Red, or Yunnan Black.

Originally produced in the early Twentieth Century, this tea is a newcomer in the world of Chinese Tea. While its history is short compared to other black teas, it is becoming very popular for its rich full bodied flavor and fresh sweet aroma. Full and beautifully shaped, the large leaves of Dian Hong Gong Fu brew to a bright red cup color.

These Dian hong mao Feng black tea are from fengqing tea area. Reddish brown color liquid. The aroma is strong sugary and floral. Mellow Taste. Quite refreshing and tasty. New harvest teas.
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