It seems drinking tea has become more and more popular around the world. Different people like to drink different tea. Jasmine green tea is one of the top 10 most popular teas in China, making a cup of jasmine tea is not that simple but it worth a try. This article will tell you what is jasmine green tea and how to make jasmine green tea.

What is jasmine green tea?

Jasmine tea, also known as jasmine flakes, It has a history of more than 1,000 years. It’s birthplace is fuzhou,fujian,China.

There are two types of jasmine tea drinks on the market. The jasmine tea we usually drink is also called jasmine flakes.

Green tea

Jasmine tea is also known as jasmine flakes. Jasmine tea is made by combining tea leaves and jasmine flowers to make the tea absorb the floral fragrance. The tea and jasmine fragrances are interfused. The tea leaves used in jasmine tea is called tea embryo.  Most jasmine tea is Green tea, a few also are black tea and oolong tea.

Flower tea

This is a flower drink made through the flower tea making process. Usually it is pure dried flower, and the floral fragrance is not obvious. Its medicinal value is relatively large.



What is jasmine green tea smells like and tastes like?

Jasmine green tea is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It is picked from the blooming jasmine in spring and tea leaves together with the growing tea thus has the aroma of spring flowers and the freshness of tea leaves. It is a sweet and popular tea.

The “fragrance” carrier of jasmine tea is tea embryo, the essence of jasmine tea is jasmine flower.

The raw materials used in the general jasmine tea are good in tenderness, usually one bud, one leaf, two leaves or many buds, and the buds are revealed.

What is a good cup of jasmine green tea? The aroma of the tea leaves is strong but not pungent. It is long-lasting fragrant. The taste is soft, not bitter or astringent, no odor is the best.

What is jasmine green tea good for us?

  • Main function

Drinking jasmine tea for women not only can beautify and whiten, whiten skin, but also resist aging. It can also clear the stomach and intestines of the human body.

Jasmine green tea can defecate, clear the brain, lower blood pressure and blood lipids and it has a huge resistance to bacteria and viruses to treat cancer. The caffeine in the tea can stimulate the central nervous system, play a role in driving off sleepiness, eliminating fatigue, improving vitality, and concentrating thinking. Tea polyphenols, tea pigments and other ingredients have anti-cancer and anti-mutation effects in addition to antibacterial and antiviral .

  1. Be energetic. The volatile oily substance contained in jasmine has the functions of analgesia, relieves stagnation and disperses knots, and can relieve chest and abdomen bloating pain, diarrhea and urgency, and other symptoms. It is a good food for pain relief.
  2. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Jasmine has an inhibitory effect on a variety of bacteria. So it can treat inflammatory diseases such as red eyes, sores, and skin ulcers both internally and externally.
  3. Soothing liver and improve eyesight. Jasmine tea moisturizes and nourishes the face. It has a dull complexion and has the effect of detoxifying and nourishing the face. Jasmine tea has refreshing, clearing fire, eliminating food, diuretic and other health effects.
  • Health function

Jasmine has the functions of pungent, sweet, cool, clearing away heat and detoxifying, dampness, calming, and sedative. It can cure diarrhea, abdominal pain, red eyes, swelling and pain, sores, swelling and other diseases. Jasmine tea not only maintains the bitter and sweet cooling effect of tea, but also becomes a warm tea due to the baking process, and has a variety of medical key protection functions, which can remove stomach discomfort, melting tea and floral health care.

How to make jasmine green tea?

For the brewing of special jasmine green tea, it is suitable to use a glass, and the water temperature is 80-90 degrees celsius. For other grades of jasmine tea, it is suitable to use a porcelain lidded tea cup. The water temperature should be high, close to 100 degrees Celsius. The ratio of tea is usually 1:50 and the brewing time is 3-5 minutes.

To brew jasmine green tea, you must use the correct brewing method to maintain the aroma.

The specific tea making procedures are as follows

1.Prepare tea set

Generally, white porcelain cups with lids or bowls are used. If you are brewing premium high-quality jasmine tea, it is better to use transparent glass cups.

2.Use hot water to scald the teacup

Rinse the teacup on the tea tray, immerse the tea lid in boiling water and turn it. The main purpose of this process is to clean the tea set.

3.Take out the suitable amount of tea

Take out the amount of tea needed according to different personal tastes, don’t waste it.


  • When brewing jasmine green tea, the first time you add water, the mouth of the brewing pot is close to the tea cup to get a low injection, and it is directly poured on the tea leaves, so that the fragrance is slowly leached;
  • the second time is to add water from a moderate height, and the pot mouth is slightly away from the cup mouth into the boiling water, make the tea blend with water;
  • the third time you add water, inject a little bit higher, the pot mouth is slightly away from the cup mouth into the boiling water, so that the tea leaves roll, the tea soup reverberates, and the floral fragrance overflows. Generally, add water to 80% of the tea cup, and cover immediately after flushing to keep the tea aroma.

5.Taste the tea you brewed

After the tea soup has cooled slightly, drink it in a small sip and leave the tea soup in the mouth for a full taste.

Through the above introduction, you must have learned the brewing method of jasmine green tea. There are many particularities about the brewing of jasmine tea, if you are a jasmine tea lover you should understand it. It can see from the introduction of jasmine tea that it has many benefits. We can drink jasmine green tea to maintain health and stay in a happy mood. I hope these can help you.