Chinese people love tea, and the people of the world love tea either. There are many types of tea, including black tea, green tea, oolong tea, dark tea, white tea… we usually drink the most of these. If you are also a tea lover then how to drink tea is definitely what you should learn. Konwing something about tea drinking is  important, it can help you choose the suitable tea in different situations.

How to choose tea types to drink under different conditions

Many people like to drink tea to maintain health but they don’t know how to drink tea, actually how to drink tea must be divided into different seasons and physical constitutions. How to drink tea according to different needs? Different people have different tea drinking habits, choose wisely can make your drinking healthier and achieve the purpose of keeping in good health. How can drinking tea be healthier? Below we will give you some tips on how to drink tea properly under different circumstances.

How to drink tea in four seasons

Drinking tea is divided into four seasons. There are four seasons in a year, if you want to drink tea for health, you must drink the corresponding teas in different seasons since the four seasons have their owm characteristics. The Fllowing are some tips about how to drink tea in four seasons which is good for your health.

How to drink tea in spring

Generally speaking, it is appropriate to drink flower tea in spring. Flower tea can distribute the cold gas that has accumulated in the body in winter and promote the body’s Chinese called yangqi(related to yin and yang)

How to drink tea in summer

Green tea is drinkable in summer. Summer is hot whereever you go, Green tea is cold and it has bitter taste. It can clear away heat and detoxify which helps your body to cool down. It also helps to enhance gastrointestinal function, promote digestion, prevent diarrhea and skin infections.

How to drink tea in autumn

Oolong tea is suitable for autumn. At this time, drinking a cup of warm and calm green tea can not only remove the heat accumulated in the body in summer, but also emollient, throat and restore fluid, so that the body can adapt to changes in natural conditions, it is the best autumn Drinks. Green tea is also called oolong tea. The most representative products are “Tieguanyin” and “Dahongpao”.

How to drink tea in winter

It is advisable to drink black tea in winter, which is sweet and warm, good at storing yangqi(we’ve mentioned before), heat and warm the abdomen, drinking black tea can enhance our body’s ability to resist cold. The temperature in winter is low, the physiological functions of the human body are declined, and the requirements for temperature and nutrition become higher.

Black tea is rich in sugar and protein, which can play a role in relieving fatigue, enhancing our body’s ability to resist cold, and can help digestion, remove greasy, protect the heart and prevent stroke. There are several types of black tea, such as Minhong, Qihong, and Yunnan black tea, they all suit for winter.

How to drink tea according to different needs

There are different needs for drinking tea. How to drink tea according to our body conditions, human body is either cold or hot, in addition to selecting teas according to our physical fitness, we can also drink tea more specifically through our physical conditions in order to get healthier.

Lower blood fat: drink Kuding tea and Pu’er tea

Because of the coldness, Kuding tea has better functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, softening blood vessels, and lowering blood fat than other teas. It is most suitable for people with high blood pressure and obese physique who have hot body and long drink. Pu’er tea also has the function of protecting cardiovascular health, and the nature of Pu’er tea is mild, suitable for people with weak constitution.

Fighting pollution and radiation: green tea

In the era of rapid development of the Internet, we face computers and mobile phones every day. At this time, you can have a cup of green tea to fight radiation, or during this time you are too busy working and have too many brainstroming, you may get overwhelming, then you can choose oolong tea and green tea , and Jasmine tea to refresh your mind too.

You can also choose oolong tea and black tea to quench your thirst and add calories after physical work or exercise, if the air pollution is serious, you can choose green tea to fresh the air.

Detox and Beauty: Rose Tea

Rose tea can balance endocrine, nourish blood gas, beautify skin, improve dry skin, and it have the effect of beauty and beauty. If you are in a bad mood or are prone to insomnia, you can also relax with a cup of rose tea. The taste of rose tea is fragrant and elegant, which can warm the heart and blood of the heart, relax the body’s depression, play a calming, soothing, anti-depressive effect.

Sobering up and losing weight: oolong tea

If you love parties and drinking, you need to prepare oolong tea for yourself. Oolong tea’s sobering effect is very good, it can prevent the body from cold and reduce the accumulation of alcohol and cholesterol in the body.

In addition, oolong tea has the effect of dissolving fat. According to some data, drinking 300ml of oolong tea is equivalent to skipping rope for 7 minutes, and insisting on drinking one year can lose more than 2kg of weight.

Different people have different tea drinking habits

You can’t drink too much strong tea.

The so-called strong tea refers to tea soup with more than a constant amount of tea (3-4 grams per cup of tea). Strong tea is not suitable for some people or situations, such as drinking tea at night can cause insomnia.

Stomach ulcers, neurasthenia, weak people should not drink strong tea, otherwise it will make the disease worse.

It is not advisable to drink tea on an empty stomach, otherwise it will cause stomach upset, and sometimes even produce palpitations, nausea and other uncomfortable symptoms. At this time you can eat one or two candies, drink some boiled water to ease.

Tea consumption varies from person to person.

The amount of tea drinking depends on factors such as tea drinking habits, age, health status, living environment, customs and other factors. How to drink tea is a important course for tea lovers.

Generally healthy adults, who usually have the habit of drinking tea, drink about 12 grams a day, brewing in 3-4 times is appropriate.

For people who have a lot of physical labor, consume a lot, and eat a lot, especially in high temperature environments, people who are exposed to more toxic substances, it is also appropriate to drink about 20 grams of tea a day.

There are many greasy foods, and people with a large amount of tobacco and alcohol can also increase the amount of drinking tea.

The tips on how to drink tea and choose the most suitable tea types in different situations are all finished here.  Knowing about how to drink tea is very important if you are also interested in tea and like to drink tea or want to drink tea for health, you can express your own different opinions with us in the comment area. You can also go to our website to see if there are any tea you would like to drink, you should have a try, it’s good.

How to make green tea?

Seems green tea is very popular around the world, and you have already known how to drink tea, here I would like to introduce you the steps on how to make a good cup of green tea:

Selection of tea set:

Do not use green teapot for brewing delicate green tea, because teapot is not conducive to heat dissipation, it will make tea leaves yellow, and make tea soup have a boring and cooked taste.

The transparency is better so that people can watch the tea stretch in the cup.

Older green tea is usually brewed in a pot. On one hand, the heat preservation effect of the teapot is conducive to the extraction of tea juice. On the other hand, guests can taste the deliciousness of the tea, but they will not be affected by the unsightly shape of the tea.

Porcelain should be used for pots and cups. Blue and white porcelain and white porcelain can be used. These are more compatible with the color of green tea soup.

The temperature of brewing tea:

The brewing temperature of green tea varies according to the age and tenderness of the tea.

For the tea with delicate texture, the temperature of the brewed water should be lower, preferably at 80°C, too high water temperature will make the tea The scent quickly dissipated, and the tea soup lost its fragrance.

For brewing green tea with an older texture, the water temperature should be higher, and it must be above 90 °C, so that the water temperature can fully exude the tea flavor.

In addition, there are still many people making tea with cold water, or even making tea with ice water. This method must have good tea leaves, it must be high-quality delicate tea, and the second is to look at the details. In summer, by using cold water the effect of making tea will be better.

Tea-water ratio:

The ratio of tea to water should be relatively free, depending on the individual’s specific situation. The standard tea ratio for brewing green tea is 1/50 to 60, that is, 50 to 60 ml of water for 1 g of tea leaves, so the intensity of the brewed tea is palatable.

Brewing time:

The brewing time of different varieties of green tea is different.

After putting the tea leaves in the cup, first inject a small amount of hot water to soak the tea leaves, and then pour into the full water, if it is fine tea The brewing time is about 2 minutes.

After drinking 1/3 of the tea, add hot water again. If the tea is refilled after drinking, it will make the tea soup uneven.

A good cup of green tea can usually be refilled 4~5 Secondly, the brewing time of the old green tea is slightly shorter. If the time is longer, the tea taste will be too bitter. Generally, it will be brewed for 1 minute. The number of brewing times is also 4 to 5 times.

Of course, this is just our own method of making green tea, for reference only. Regarding the method of brewing other different types of tea, if you want to know, please contact us, or we will continue to update. If you find a better way on how to drink tea and make tea, you can also share with us, you are welcome to us.